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  • Our creche: We call our creche entrance. This is the first entrance and interaction with formal school. We admit children that can walk to age two into entrance. We do not operate day care. We operate in a serene environment conducive to learning. The Proprietress of the school being an Early Childhood Educator is conversant with the objectives of pre school. At Lord's Schools we deal with age and abilities. A child may be ripe in age but may not be able to perform what the younger ones are doing. So we will not push the child further because of age vice versa. In order to spread the learning activities embedded in the objectives of ECCE, we spread our classes from Entrance to Pre nursery, from there to Nursery one and from there to Nursery two before transiting to Primary school. Entrance - In entrance from walking age to two years, we expose the children to various songs in indigenous and in second language so as to inculcate morals. The songs are age appropriate. We also allow the children to visit the toy room and Toyland so as to develop their fine motor skills. Team spirit is being inculcated in them as they take turn to perform activities such as riding bicycle and interaction with other toys. We recommend computer slate for this level and a lot of drawing books whereby they are taught how to handle pencil and scribbling. The main pre_occupation of this class is play. They explore the environment to identify concrete objects. Aside the Toyland, we have expanse field as play ground for the children. Lord's Schools is home away from home as children easily adjust to our school system within a week. At times they would not want to go away from the stimulating environment. In addition, we believe in Computer Aided Learning (CAL). Television is in the class to teach songs and Rhymes that are value laden. Caregivers_pupil ratio us 1:10.
  • All defaulters should please pay in order to assist in the smooth running of the school.
  • All parents are urged to please assist in instilling discipline in their wards at home.
  • The most interesting infromation comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop........Mark Twain
  • Lord's Kiddies is 20. Join us to celebrate God's faithfulness. The Grand finale comes up on Thursday 27th July, 2017
  • Lord's School is a great citadel of learning. Jesus is our secret.
  • Admission to Lord's School is in progress. Inform your friends and families
  • Our Vision

    To build a school that is centred on Godliness and academic excellence and to raise faithful, honest, bold, courageous, disciplined, well-cultured children who are capable of leading and ruling their generati

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  • Our History

    To provide word-class Comprehensive Early Childhood Care and Education and to build children that would be oriented towards Science and Technology in this challenging computer age. In achieving this, we shall mak.

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About Us !

THE COLLEGE is known for her Academic Excellence in both Internal and External Examinations

Our Teaching Methodologies cut across all the domains of Teaching and Learning Techniques, namely,

The School has well equipped Library and Laboratories for all the Sciences as well as Food and Nutrition/Home Economics Practical.

We are strictly compliance with State and Federal Ministry of Education curriculum despite the fact that we are operating ‘CODING SYSTEM’ for various subjects taught in the College. For example, English Language is divided into three, namely, GRAMMAR (ENG GR); COMPREHENSION & SUMMARY (ENG COMPS) and LETTER WRITINGS & ORALS (ENG LEORAL);while Science and Vocational Subjects into _01 & _03 for Theories and _07  for Practical respectively. This is done to be able to complete the curriculum and syllabus on time to make students competitive

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